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Birding Costa Rica

Costa Rica Christmas Count Dates for 2011

The Asociacion Ornitologica de Costa Rica has recently published information about Christmas counts at their website. For those interested in participating, contact information is given for organizers. Keep in mind that some counts may have run out of space or are by invitation only. These are a great way to meet Tico birders and guides. Some, such as the Carara and La Selva counts, also tend to be well organized and have 70 or so participants. Although the Veragua count is by invitation only, I will look into that and see if they would like someone to blog about the place. I probably won’t do any others because I have to guide on most of the count dates.

Although all of the counts are a fun time,  if I had to recommend just one, it would be the Maquenque Count on January 8th. This actually pertains to annual counts held at a number of Costa Rica Birding Route sites. You may get a discount at certain site hotels for doing the count and will be providing valuable data needed for the underbirded northern Caribbean lowlands. While La Selva is heavily visited by birders, areas north of there receive much less attention despite a fair amount of forest that could support a number of rare species due to their connection to the huge forest block in southeastern Nicaragua.

If you do one of the counts, please tell us about your experience in the comments.

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