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admin on July 31st, 2012

I don’t know if that term the “bucket list” was around before the movie of the same name or not but I have this strong impression that people started using it a lot more after Jack and Morgan were depicted jumping out of planes and doing other adrenaline-provoking endeavors. Although I don’t have any desire […]

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Hummingbirds are known for their glittering, jewel-like plumage, ad feisty, sprite-like behavior. I’m not sure if they had anything to do with being part of the inspiration for Disney’s Tinkerbell character but she sure acts like one of the Trochilidae. On a near constant sugar high, more than 50 species of hummingbirds zip around Costa […]

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admin on July 19th, 2012

Green with envy? Green with Hulk-like anger? Green like a rookie? No, just the plain old-fashioned baby of a blue and yellow combination. With all of those leaves and epiphytes out there in the Costa Rican countryside, one might expect three-fourths or a respectable half of Costa Rican bird species to have predominantly green plumage. […]

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This past weekend, I guided the Birding Club of Costa Rica’s trip to Esquinas Rainforest Lodge and surroundings. I’ve been there once before and as with that first experience, I am just dying to get back there! The birding is pretty much first rate, the herps are pretty darn good too, the service is excellent, […]

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admin on July 3rd, 2012

I may have written a post like this in the past but given the crazy elevated temperatures and subsequent tragic results up there in the temperate latitudes, I must reiterate: Come on down to Costa Rica to get away from the heat. No, you won’t be jumping out of the flames and into the heart […]

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