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Every birder coming to Costa Rica wants to know where they can see Resplendent Quetzal, Three-wattled Bellbird, and macaws.  They also want to know sites for regional endemics, antbirds, antpittas, and other reclusive , rainforest species. Some would also like to know about their chances at seeing Harpy Eagle, Gray-headed Piprites, and Great Tinamou (slim for the first two, very good for the third). However, even if you know where to look, and know your chances at seeing these and 900 other species on the Costa Rica bird list, there are a couple of other main factors that come into play when birding this Central American country: (1) how to look for the birds in question, and (2) their identification.

Unlike temperate zone birding, most bird species in tropical rainforest are naturally rare. They occur in low density populations, require certain microhabitats, and can be susceptible to seemingly small changes in their environment. These and other aspects of tropical birding mean that your chances of finding more species improve if you know how to look for various tropical birds in addition to knowing where to look.

How to See, Find, and Identify Birds in Costa Rica” aims to answer these and other questions with:

  • Tips for finding tinamous, quail-doves, cotingas, manakins, and many other neotropical birds.

    Learn how to find and where to look for tinamous.
  • Information about the best places in the country for rare species like Bare-necked Umbrellabird and hawk-eagles.

    Learn about sites for Mangrove Hummingbird and how to identify it.
  • Checklists of common species, rare species that are easier to find outside of Costa Rica, and a list of bird species easier to find within Costa Rica.
  • Tips for identification of woodcreepers, raptors, hummingbirds, flycatchers, and other challenging groups of birds.
  • An up to date site guide that covers most parts of the country including descriptions of “birdy” hotels in the Central Valley, classic sites, new sites, ideas for pelagic trips, etc.
  • Suggestions for itineraries as brief as one day as well as birding trips of three weeks or more.
  • General information for planning the trip and during birding time in Costa Rica.

Use How to See, Find, and Identify Birds in Costa Rica to prepare for any birding trip to Costa Rica and help you see and identify more species. Much of the information in this 700 plus page book can also be applied to birding in other Neotropical countries. Some excerpts from this birding companion e-book for Costa Rica:

Page 12:

Page 49:

Page 83:

Page 146:

Page 160:

For the most complete information about birding in Costa Rica in one book, buy How to See, Find, and Identify Birds in Costa Rica today for $19.99. To buy this e-book, please click the “Buy Now” button below or email Pat O’Donnell at I will send the book as soon as I receive confirmation of payment.

Important!- After purchasing the book, you will receive an email from TransferBigFiles or WeTransfer, usually within 24 hours. This email will have the link for downloading the book. It expires five days after the book is sent.

I usually send the book right away, but if I am away guiding, it might take a few days. This book is delivered in PDF format, and is also available in Kindle format.

How to See Find and Identify Birds in Costa Rica

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