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Writing Services and Solutions Provided

The Jump-Start package: Designed to capture the attention of your market for higher sales. This strategy is useful for both new and old products and will help you leap ahead of the competition. It includes one Press Release, one Sales Letter, 10 web articles, and 20 blog posts. These can be used for websites, blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook.

Price: $650. Add a 20,000 word e-book for $500 (a $200 discount) to market your products or to sell in addition to your products.

Press Release: Market your products and company as part of a newsworthy story. Hiring a writer to write a Press Release is an excellent means of working with available news outlets to reach out to or reconnect with your niche.

Price: $100.

Sales Letter: To pitch your products in person in the global, online marketplace, hire a writer to carefully craft an e-mail or letter designed to make sales.

Price: $100.

SEO articles: Custom crafted and researched, Search Engine Optimized, 500 word, error-free articles copywritten for your website. SEO articles related to your product or company are invaluable for increasing traffic to your site. Without SEO content at your website, potential clients will almost certainly end up at the sites of competitors who turn up first in search results because their websites are optimized for search engines.  Make sure that your business appears before those of the competition by hiring Patrick E. O'Donnell writing services. Not only will I use the most up to date SEO techniques for articles, but I will also write error-free content that captivates, entertains, informs, and most of all, sells your products. Although it may seem strange to state that my work is "error-free", with the large amount of poor quality writing frequently encountered on the web, I want you to be assured that you will receive high quality pieces written by a native English speaker.

Price: $30 per article.

Blog posts: Posts (300 words each) for a blog related to your company or product. Blogs are a fantastic way to connect with your market. Their personal, sincere touch makes them an excellent way to convert readers into buyers. Because the writing is personal, blogs are perfect platforms for presenting reviews about products, and in being more dynamic than a website, will have your readers coming back for more (and purchasing your products).

Price: $10 per post.

Promotional E-books: One e-book of 20,000 words that promotes your product or company. When people are entertained by stories about your product, they become very familiar with it, will help in marketing by talking about it with friends and family, and (most importantly) will be more likely to buy your product. This book will have 5 chapters that explain the advantages of your product or company, and 5 chapters of captivating stories related to your products or company.

Price: $700.00

Adding e-book to Jump-start package: $500.00- $200 savings!

E-books for your fantastic idea: Paper is rapidly going out of style. With the advent of the Ipad (and similar products) the market for computer based reading material is about to explode like an Icelandic volcano. Without all of that printing involved, e-books are not only very cost effective and eco-friendly, but they can also be easily purchased with a click of a button. Since this is your e-book, your name will be on it and you will get all of the profits. Why waste any more time? Send me an outline, let's discuss your concept, and we will get started on writing and publishing your idea.

Price: $700 for 20,000 words.

Ghostwriting: We discuss your story to make sure it stays true to your voice, I write it in the genre and style chosen by you, and you put your name on the finished product. It can be sold as an e-book and we will also try our best to publish it in print form.1

Price: $500 for the first 2,000 words, $100 for each additional 500 words.

The Traffic-builder package: Twenty, 500 word SEO articles with proper placement and density of researched keywords. 10 are for your website, and 10 will be published at article hosting websites with links back to your site to spread the word about your product or company.

Price: $500.

Fresh content package: Designed to entertain your readers, this 5 part story totaling 5000 words is the energy drink of writing solutions. Cyclists reach for that carbo-sugar concoction to go that extra mile, college students drink a double espresso to study longer, and your newsletter or publication features the exciting, fresh writing of this package to keep your readers inspired and entertained.

Price: $350

Donations page plus grant writing: Includes a 500 word "call to action" page for your website, research for appropriate funding sources for your organization, and writing one grant.

Price: $659.00 for donation page, research for funding sources, and one grant written.