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Go Birding in Costa Rica to Escape the Heat

I may have written a post like this in the past but given the crazy elevated temperatures and subsequent tragic results up there in the temperate latitudes, I must reiterate: Come on down to Costa Rica to get away from the heat. No, you won’t be jumping out of the flames and into the heart of the fire. It will be more like tip-toeing out the door of a sweatlodge and walking into the refreshing air of much more reasonable temperatures. Basically, it will be like heading to a place with “normal” summer temperatures.

As I write this, I’m not sweating nor blasting my energy bill to the sky with delightful yet luxurious air-conditioning. I don’t need it because it’s a pleasant 80 degrees around here. It might actually be a couple degrees hotter than that but in glancing out the window, I see cloudy skies and that usually equates to slightly cooler days in Costa Rica. Don’t get me wrong, it does get hot in Costa Rica but it’s nothing compared to the heat waves that are ravaging much of the USA. In fact, it’s usually a bit cooler at this time of the year than during the months when Costa Rica is most commonly visited by birders (January-April).

In July, mornings are often sunny and then the rains fall to cool things off in the afternoon. Oh yeah, and there are also plenty of birds to see too. Although you won’t encounter migrants from the north, you have just as good a chance at seeing resident species as during the dry season. In fact, I think the cloudy weather makes it a bit easier to see more resident species because that tends to boost bird activity. At least it was like that a few weeks ago when I had near non-stop birding on the road to Manuel Brenes. Seriously, it was so good that I have been yearning to get back there ever since.

birding Costa Rica

Can’t wait to go back to this spot.

It’s still hot and humid in the Caribbean and south Pacific lowlands but it probably won’t get hotter than 90 degrees and things like weirdo tinamous, macaws, a cavalcade of parrots, gorgeous trogons, crafty antbirds, and other awesome tropical birds are pretty good compensation in any case.

Of course, if you wanted to avoid perspiration entirely, you could also just opt for birding in the highlands. It will be cool enough for a light jacket and while you relish the Autumn-like temperatures, you will also see fantastic near endemics like  Black and yellow Silky-Flycatcher

birding Costa Rica

Ruddy Treerunner

birding Costa Rica

Black-billed Nightingale-Thrush

birding Costa Rica

Black Guan

birding Costa Rica

Peg-billed Finch

birding Costa Rica

and Flame-throated Warbler

birding Costa Rica

Of course, you also have a very good chance at seeing Quetzalcoatl’s messenger.

birding Costa Rica

3 replies on “Go Birding in Costa Rica to Escape the Heat”

Hi Pat, I ran across your blog and am now an avid subscriber. While we mainly go to Costa Rica for mammals and herps, you can’t help but turn into a birder after your first day.

I read your blurb about Tinamou. We have seen the Great Tinamou every trip to the Osa and have been lucky enough to get some good pictures to boot. Their call is unmistakeable and is one of our favorites. Last month we saw our first Little Tinamou there as well but it was too quick for a picture.

Keep up the blogging.

@Alan- Glad you like the blog. Glad to hear that you got some good shots of Great Tinamou. They can be so tough to photograph!

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