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Press Release for Version 3.0 of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app

Birding Field Guides Releases New Version of Birdwatching App for Costa Rica

For Immediate Release: December 15, 2014

The first birding app for Costa Rica is a digital field guide that includes photos, sounds, text, and range maps for more than 700 species of birds.

San Jose, Costa Rica – A new version of the Birding Field Guides app for Costa Rica became available in the iTunes Store on December 12, 2014. This is the only digital field guide app in the iTunes Store that is completely focused on the bird species of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has been a pioneer for ecotourism since the early 1990s and continues to be a major destination for birders and people in search of outdoor adventure. As birding has increased in popularity as a hobby, many have paid a visit to Costa Rica in search of the near-mythical Resplendent Quetzal, dozens of glittering hummingbirds, exotic toucans, macaws, parrots, and literally hundreds of other bird species. This small Central American country appeals to birdwatchers and other tourists on account of its stable, democratic government, stunning scenery, and protected areas that host a wide array of wildlife.

This recent version of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app has been updated with new images, information, and range maps for more than 700 species, and vocalizations for more than 500 species. Along with a suite of new species, sounds, and improved images, version 3.0 also has a search by name function along with other easy to use search functions.

Michael Mullin, head of programming for Birding Field Guides, expects that the new images, species accounts, vocalizations, and search functions will make it easier to study before the trip, and identify birds while watching them in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

He said, “I’m excited about this new version because we have improved the search functions, images, vocalizations, and now have more than 700 species on the app.  We listened to what our customers had to say and made changes to improve their experience. I am looking forward to hearing how this new version enhances time in Costa Rica for beginning birders, experts, and birding guides.”

This app is currently available for version 4.3 or higher iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone devices, and will be updated for 2.3.3 and higher Android devices in early 2015.

About Birding Field Guides

Birding Field Guides was started in 2012 and develops birding and nature-related apps and products for digital devices. For more information, please visit http://birdingfieldguides.com.

2 replies on “Press Release for Version 3.0 of the Costa Rica Birds Field Guide app”

Hi pat,
I have just downloaded your app for use on our trip to Costa Rica at the end of March. I have found it easy to use & the calls on the app will be a great asset. The photo’s will complement the new 2nd edition of the birds of Costa Rica & I am sure will help us in the field.
On another subject,
We are birding independently, and were wondering if there is any current news on the B & W owls in José Martí Park in Orotina.
Any help would be appreciated.

@Guy- Thnks for downloading the app, glad to hear that you find it easy and helpful as that has been our main goal with it, especially the latest version. As far as B and W Owls go, I am not sure if they have been seen lately in Orotina. They aren’t as reliable there but do still show from time to time so it is worth a check if passing near there.

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