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Birdingcraft Writing Solutions

When not birding, I spend a good deal of my time researching and writing about this passion as well as anything pertaining to Costa Rica, all aspects of travel and tourism, and other topics.

From SEO web content to magazine articles or ghost writing, my works are entertaining, professional and always adapted to a client’s needs.

These are some of the categories for which I offer services with respective samples:

Content creation, SEO and otherwise:

Content written to attract more readers, created for your needs.

Niche targeted blogs

I specialize in story-telling marketing, crafting content that tells the story of your brand. I focus on this type of content creation not only because it works but also because I love to do it. I love to write stories that connect with readers and because that connection is emotional, this strategy can be used for anything.

By telling about the history of your company, we can appeal to nostalgia.

By telling the stories of the people associated with your brand (both employees and clients) we show how we relate.

By telling stories that evoke an emotional response, we connect, and clients respond.

They also respond because the content is honest and transparent, it doesn’t try to sell them anything. It doesn’t need to because in making a connection, this marketing content establishes trust. When clients are ready to purchase, they will know where to go and if they feel they can trust someone (your brand), the decision will be made that much sooner.

I focus on blog posts for story-telling marketing because its an easy SEO content platform that lends itself to chapters, to telling a stories.

I look forward to hearing from you, to helping you honestly connect with clients.

Ghost-writing, sample from e-book

Need something written? Whatever it is, I will turn your idea into professional, captivating content.

Book Sample Introduction

Market-targeted writing, story-based marketing 


Some projects shown with my Contently profile.

Story-based content offered as a gig on fiverr.

Some Companies for Which I Have Written Content

Rainforest Expeditions


Design Toscano

The Monteverde Blog for El Bosque Lodge

Plus, many other projects for web content. This link at UpWork (formerly Elance) shows some information about those projects.


CV Patrick O’Donnell

Editing Experience

Editing and proofreading of several scientific papers for Ed Mockford, distinguished professor emeritus and entomologist at Illinois State University.

Editor of the monthly newsletter for the Birding Club of Costa Rica since July, 2008.

For further information and inquiries, please contact Pat O’Donnell at [email protected]

Skype: patrick-odonnell

2 replies on “Birdingcraft Writing Solutions”

Dear Pat,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your birding experiences in preparation for a birding trip to Costa Rica in April with my wife and a birding friend. Are you available as a birding guide? If not, could you recommend one? We would like to have a guide for our planned visit to Tapanti National Park (full day on 7-April and 1/2 day on 8-April). We also plan to visit Carara NP on 13-April and would like a guide their as well.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your love for birds in your well-written posts.

Hank Frantz [Baton Rouge, La]

@Hank- Glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog. I should be available those dates and will email you with more info.

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